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Sulli in like manner is known as Choi Jin-Ri is a standard South Korean performer, model, and craftsman. She appeared on the TV game plan ‘Tune of Seodong’ in 2005 at 11 years of age. Raised in Busan, South Korea, Sulli has reliably been intrigued by business and has had heaps of fun with it.She got acting at an energetic age and began going for parts in films and TV and began her employment as an adolescent expert in motion pictures, for instance, ‘BABO’ and ‘Punch Lady’ and the TV plan ‘Move away’ and ‘Love Needs a Miracle’. Despite acting, she diverted into a person from the band ‘f (x)’ in 2009. The band conveyed their first single.In the following years, she was busy with her music and acting callings and transformed into a lead performer with the 2012 game plan ‘To the Beautiful You’ from Child Artist. For this part, she got the SBS Drama Award for Best New Actor. She later left her band to focus in extra on her acting work.


Sulli was brought into the world on March 29, 1994, in Busan, South Korea, and was named Choi Jin-Ri by her people. She encountered adolescence in a gathering of four children – two more prepared kin and a more energetic one.She has reliably been enthused about Broadway since she was a youth. She joined the acting school at a very energetic age. Sulli lauded by the sum of her teachers as a second understudy and, seeing the mind blowing capacity in her, her family moved to Seoul to give her daughter a certifiable event to seek after a calling in acting. By then she was in fourth grade, yet was never reluctant to stand up to the camera, and was given a shot after tryout and in the end got a capacity in a SBS play ‘The Ballad of Seodong’.Sulli completed her optional school guidance and highlighted in films and TV shows from the School of Performing Arts in Seoul, where she moreover kicked into music and off managing her singing aptitudes.To offer wings to her melodic desires, Sulli joined S.M. Redirection as an understudy. She met two entertainers who were doing combating there, molded a social affair called ‘Youngster Generation’, and began her melodic journey.


Sulli’s Career

  1. Sulli began her acting calling at eleven years of age with the chronicled play ‘The Ballad of Seodong’, where she expected the capacity of a princess. It was a minor work, anyway Sulli’s capacity was clear and a short period of time later that very year, she appeared in a guest part for another show, ‘Love Needs a Miracle’.
  2. In 2006, she accepted a supporting part in the TV course of action ‘Move away’. She made her film debut in the 2007 film ‘Punch Lady’. The film was a moderate accomplishment and was generally dark.
  3. Dynamically more characters began to emerge. One such part is in the film ‘Babo’, in which Suli plays a minor variation of the standard female character Ji-ho. Conveyed in 2008, the film was commonly invited and starting now and into the foreseeable future Sulli has been busy with her band ‘f (x)’.
  4. ‘f (x)’ is a five-section dance-pop assembling molded for all energetic South Korean female subject matter experts and conveyed their first single ‘LA chA TA’ in September and soon a restricted time video was supported by LG Group on the latest telephone.
  5. With the appearance of her introduction assortment ‘Pinnochio’, Sulli focused in on her acting calling and appeared as a model in the 2010 film ‘Charitable My Lady’.
  6. In 2011, she appeared as an episodic variation of herself in ‘Welcome to the Show’ and the following year she included in the story ‘I Am’.
  7. The year 2012 saw the appearance of ‘To The Beautiful You’, the best character of her calling, which signified a vital crossroads in her livelihood. In the show, she plays a youngster who destabilizes her reverence as a child. The game plan relied upon the Japanese manga and was a huge accomplishment. Sulli trim her hair to prepare for the work and because of her diligent exertion, she won the SBS Drama Award for her work.
  8. In 2014, she expected a supporting capacity in the period action experience film ‘The Pirate’. Sulli accepts a supporting part for a youngster who loses loose, is spared by a privateer woman officer and later, she also transforms into a privateer.
  9. South Korea Television - Feb 2014
  10. Among her acting positions, her band ‘f (X)’ was enormously notable with the appearance of two extra assortments named ‘Pink Tape’ and ‘Red Light’.The band got two huge distinctions – Golden Disk Award and the Seoul Music Award.
  11. The band moreover got observable quality in Japan, yet some internal issues tortured the band. Sulli was in like manner said to have been not ready to submit adequate occasion to the gathering as a result of a clamoring acting plan and was encountering hopelessness. She finally left the social event in July 2014, yet the official presentation came a year later. Sulli later communicated that hse was finally getting some huge parts in movies and that she by and large required acting to be the principle objective.
  12. In 2014, she accepted the lead female part in the film ‘Style King’, which relates the record of a youth who reveals that he has shown a gigantic capacity for style arranging. It is a film variety of a standard webtoon game plan and got essential acclaim upon its conveyance.
  13. In the wake of being unendingly from both the big screen and the little screen for practically three years, Sulli appeared in a supporting capacity in the 2017 film ‘Certifiable’, a faint spine chiller set in a narrative city. The film was for a gigantic degree, yet the shows of the cast people were incredibly acclaimed.
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Sulli’s Personal Life

  • Despite acting and singing, Sulli moreover values moving. She said she was envisioning an employment that would use her capacity as a talented craftsman.
  • Sulli is unreasonably tall for the typical Korean youngster and subsequently she is commonly mentioned to appear on screen with level shoes. Her fans called her ‘Beast Baby’.
  • Sulli has been in a lot of associations. Prior to her passing, she was engaged with a brand boss named Kim Min-jun. The couple was nearest allies before their nostalgic responsibility. Going before Kim, Sullivan was connected with the notable South Korean entertainer Choiza.
  • Soil was found dead by her boss on October 14, 2019. She was swung from the second floor of her home in Seongnam. She is encountering genuine horror.
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  • Sulli’s Cause of Death

  • An emergency call center specialist revealed the information, Sulli was found dead by her manager on the second floor of her home. She lived in Seongnam. The inauspicious news communicated on October 14, 2019. Sources said the overseer went to her home after he fail to connect with her. Police, who dispatched an assessment, considered the scene an implosion because there was no verification of murder.
  • Choi Jin-RI’s charging and commemoration administration were held covertly by her friends and family, media and fans were not invited. In any case, his organization, SM Entertainment, set up an unprecedented setting in the dedication administration passage of Severance Hospital in Sinchon-dong, Seoul. Various associations and VIPs have dropped their activities and events in memory of Choi Jin-Ri. 4 days after her remembrance administration, her family canvassed Sulli in a dark region.
  • Choi Jin-Ri’s passing has been associated with disillusionment over cyberbullying. In like manner, there were reports that Sulli had more than once mentioned that organization mediate unequivocally against cyberbullying and malicious comments. Seven petitions were posted on the site of the South Korean president’s office. Serious order and a plan of record and talk have been proposed to keep such a hardship from any VIP in South Korea.
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